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Trust us when we say you really need to hear this lot – NME

They put the “brawl” into cerebral - The Guardian

Defies all genre expectations…Unshakeably catchy. – Oyster

Unfairly good… as ferociously adrenalised as being hit by a van  5/5 – Artrocker


Career Highlights:

  • First single ‘Less Unless’ went #1 on the Hype Machine charts
  • Second Single ‘Run Overdrive’ went to #7 on same chart and earned 180,000 plays on Youtube and counting
  • Third  single ‘Lights On A Leash’ through Too Pure label limited to 500 vinyl and instantly sells out.
  • After hugely successful fan funding campaign the debut LP ‘RULES’ receives 5 Star reviews and went so crazy online it landed them on the front page of Spotify alongside David Guetta and Usher!
  •  Booked to play the a slew of European festivals including nearly inciting a (happy) riot at Frances legendary La Route Du Rock.
  • After a number of sold out London shows their first Australian shows saw them play All Tomorrows Parties with My Bloody Valentine and their first ever home coming Melbourne show at the legendary Tote Hotel sold out.
  • After a whirlwind 2013 tour bringing CIVIL CIVIC to a over 140 live shows the band play the last ever ATP festival in November.
  • Currently locked in the studio recording a new record, CIVIL CIVIC are gearing up for a big 2015.


Although they were both involved in the notoriously robust and competitive Melbourne band scene, Aaron and Ben never met in Australia. That happened later, 2009 in Europe, when Aaron flew from his new home in London to Barcelona. He stayed at Ben’s apartment for 3 weeks and they invented the Civil Civic Sound.

It was a blind date.

In March 2010 Civil Civic spawned their debut release, a cassette EP titled ’1′.
The flagship track (a noodling, brawling avalanche of noise called ‘Less Unless’) ripped through the blogosphere and straight to number one on the Hype Machine charts.

Hello Civil Civic.

The follow up single, ‘Run Overdrive’ was supported by a European tour and garnered further praise from a bewildering variety of sources, from the most obscure music blogs to NME and The Guardian.
Next was a 7″ on  Too Pure called ‘Lights On A Leash’, a track named by a fan after winning an overwhelmingly popular song naming contest run by the band.
Their debut album ‘Rules’ was released in November 2011, garnering yet more praise from both the music press with it’s weird mix of teeth-grinding intensity, pop triumphalism and party-on abandon.
Just check the numerous quotes and blog posts below
As well as packing in all these releases in their first 2 years, CIVIL CIVIC have been tearing up the European tour circuit, reaping a reputation for delivering the goods live. Though the packed out underground sweaty club is CIVIL CIVIC’s spiritual home, the band have also graced many festival stages. Including headlining the main stage at Leige’s Microfestival and tearing it up at the prime 1AM slot (between Spiritulized and Squarepusher) at the legendary French ‘La Route Du Rock‘.

Some other festival appearances include:

All Tomorrows Parties – End Of An Era – Last ever holiday camp ATP – UK

I’ll Be Your Mirror – Melbourne Australia

1-2-3-4 – London UK

Rock dans tous ses états - Evreux – France

Indie Rocket Festival - Pescara –  Italy

Supersound Festival – Colmar – France

Miodi Festival – Milan, Italy

Le Grand Souk - Riberac – France

Lieu Unique – Nantes – France

Zero Festival – LAVAGNA – Italy

Radar Festival – PADOVA – Italy

Less Playboy Is More Cowboy – POITIERS – France

B-Side Festival – LUCERNE – Switzerland

Festival Suisse – SCHAFFHAUSEN – Switzaerland

Radar Festival – PADOVA – Italy

No Silenz Festival – BRESCIA – Italy





Trust us when we say you really need to hear this lot – NME


They put the “brawl” into cerebral - The Guardian


Defies all genre expectations…Unshakeably catchy. – Oyster


Civil Civic really takes the wall of sound aesthetic to the next level – The Needle Drop


Unfairly good… as ferociously adrenalised as being hit by a van  5/5 – Artrocker


A big old rousing noise 4/5  Q


Instrumental indie joy 4.5/5 – Guitarist Magazine 


Civil Civic will get you by the balls. I haven’t come across anything this year that brings the party like this. -  Shattered Satellite


Ear-shattering electro scuzz genius – NME


Are you listening to this? Seriously, are you? Cause you should be. Distortion has never sounded this good. -  The Burning Ear


Overlook CIVIL CIVIC and you’ve only got yourself to blame. Impossible to ignore or deny - Dummy


Eagerly awaited debut LP of 10 exhilarating sonic fuzz infused showstoppers that take your breath away. Like being caught in the eye of an adrenalin storm. – Mixmag Zzub Chart


Phenomenal. One of the most assured, creative and intelligent records this year. – The Digital Fix  8/10


A great, great, great band – God Don’t Like Us


The longer you spend re-spinning these tracks the more joyous they become. – Not For Resale


Like a textbook that tells you about the future, highlighting all the important parts in fluorescent yellow pen. – Mess and Noise


Exquisite melodies that are completely without peer. The kind of stuff all those Crystal Castles clones knocking about couldn’t even dream of pulling off – The Pidgeon Post


Like having 50,000 Volt live jump cables attached to your nipples whilst sat in a torrential downpour – Don’t Panic


Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation compressed into three minutes and remixed by Max Tundra - The Guardian


A sock-hop on speed, a go-cart race with Ferrari engines – MTV’s The Grind


Insanely catchy, upbeat tunes – Subba-Cultcha


I am clearly a mega Civil Civic fan and my opinions should not be trusted as objective – The Burning Ear


With a sound that is truly unique to the greatest extent of the word, Civil Civic have produced an album that is pushes the boundaries of sound to its breaking point – Room Thirteen


Very few acts can compete with the sheer ferocity and downright grittiness that this album delivers at such highly intensive and intelligent level. – Room Thirteen


It’s incorrigibly energetic, irrepressibly colourful fare; a self-assured guitar-riot in need of fist-sized hit of Ritalin – The Line Of Best Fit


Not since the heyday of Death From Above 1979 have two people (and, yes, a robot) managed to make as glorious and irrepressible a racket as Civil Civic do on their debut album, Rules. – The Line Of Best Fit


Breathtaking displays of spaced-out warp speed electropunk. – Adequacy


They produced it themselves, raised money through fans, and released it on their own label. Like their noises or not, this is the music business at it purest and you can’t argue with that. – The Burning Ear


The lovechild of Lightning Bolt and Sonic Youth  - Webcuts Music


5 Stars – Single Of The Month – Artrocker


Very awesome, Joy Division on E - Winnie Cooper


You need some Civil Civic in your life, trust me. – What’s Protocol?


Rocking out in the manner of Holy Fuck covering Hüsker Dü  - Uncut


Sends shivers up my spine – Incendiary Mag


A ball-busting distorted musical leviathan  - The Fly


You’re called out to a death-match set in the plane between dreams and reality where you have to defeat the devil himself with a guitar made entirely from lazers (I’m understating). And all you’re wearing is a flight cap and a cellophane g-string. That’s the feeling you get when you press play on Fuck Youth. –  A-Life


Sounds like a vicious brawl between all of indie’s greats, with DEVO throttling Sonic Youth in a headlock while My Bloody Valentine give the Jesus and Mary Chains a limp kick in the shins. – Earwiglet


Freaky-Boned Genius – 4 1/5 stars – Artrocker


Gut-wrenching riffery and, most importantly, a sense of sheer, unabashed fun. – The Line Of Best Fit


Civil Civic command your attention, loudly – Loud and Quiet


If you, somehow, don’t find yourself moving to the wonderfully distorted bass guitar, catchy guitar plucks, and heavy bass hits of Less Unless, then go sit in the corner and think about what you did wrong in life. – Fresh Press Vinyl


This is a fucking great song. Anyone who tells you otherwise either doesn’t know their music or lives under ten million rocks. – The Photon God


For those who’re sick of Fleet Foxes’ pretty six-part harmonies, and want something to dance like an epileptic to. -  Spillball


This mix is insane on so many levels, it makes me cream my pants – every time. – A-Life


Get onto them before they blow up massively so you can claim street cred when all your friends start talking about them. - Generic Collective


Hedonism in a nutshell. Essential. - Spaghetti Blogonese 


They combine the elements which should simply be described as “the Civil Civic sound” – Someones In The Wolf


This is indie dance music with its foot firmly of the accelerator. – Shout 4 Music 


If you’ve a rock bone in your body you’ll froth. – Welcome to Groove City

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